#1 Alyssa

For some of you, you may already know who and what Alyssa is all about.
 For those of you that don't, here is the synopsis:

     Alyssa finds herself lost in Wonderland. As she tries to find out where she is and the way back home, she meets a boy that she falls hopelessly in love with (not necessarily the handsome type... but so captivating). When she finally decides that she wants to live in Wonderland forever, and he confirms his affections for her, an evil wind takes him away! Alyssa now finds herself on a perilous journey that will test her in every which way. And she will make a startling discovery about Wonderland and Earth: Earth is actually more confusing and difficult to live in than Wonderland, and that Wonderland actually makes sense! Will she find her love before he dies? Can she survive the emotional roller-coaster and life threatening situations?

          @   Hatter (Also known as Trea and Istrangelabutrea)
          @   Alyssa (The modern-day Alice)
          @   Cheshire Cat (AKA, Chess and The CAT)
          @   The Dormouse (AKA Salandra)
          @   March Hare
          @   The Tweedles (both Dee and Dum)

The Wonderlandian Chronicles book #1, Alyssa, is broken up in two (so far) due to Blogspot's limitations on how many pages per blog. Be sure to note which chapter you leave off carefully before you continue on to read. It'd be a shame if you accidentally read something too soon!
Be sure to write in a comment on your thoughts and things that you notice!

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