Thursday, November 22, 2012

Again, it has been awhile posting any news or updates. Please forgive me on that.

I am still writing chapter 31 of WC1: Alyssa. It is a very difficult one because of so much emotion. You know that Trea had died. So what comes next for poor Alyssa? That's what chapter 31 is all about. So are many of the chapters that will follow closely behind. Again, please do not be angry at me for the way chapter 30 ended! I am not done writing wc1: Alyssa yet! It will be a while before I am. Does that sound like an oxymoron after my last post? Yes, sorry. I will not let Alyssa's story leave you in tears or anger. I promise that!

Oh, and by the way, as soon as the last chapter of wc1: alyssa is up, I will put up the first chapter of wc2: Before Alice. It will be told through Trea's point of view. Don't worry about the link, because that will be fixed when I put the new tab up for it. It will be told through Trea's point of view in the form of a memoir. It will be answering important questions. Infact, here is the introduction now:


You know the story of Alyssa. You think you know the story of Alice. But do you know the true story of Alice? Do you even know what happened BEFORE Alice and Alyssa came to be? What happened on Trea's side of Alyssa? Do you know? I bet you know wrong. The dearest of all the Wonderland/Underland/Miserland/Dimmerland character's comes to life in this book. Learn his back story of before Alice. Learn what really happened when Alice was in Wonderland. Learn what happened to Trea when Alyssa was there in Dimmerland. I can't guaruntee this will all end up in the same book. You may need to get the one that follows. I don't know yet. He has been alive for a very long time, after all. He has a lot going on in his life. Read. And discover who our dear Hatter really is.

I am really excited for this new book!

Also, keep tabs. As soon as Alyssa's adventure is done, I'll be doing some editing. I will post the changes. You won't know the changes unless you re-read everyday, but I will make tracking the changes easier on you. I'll just post the changes on the main page of each site. Keep up with it, please, and tell me what you think!

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